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-C.S. Lewis

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

GOP Out of Ideas

Finally. Someone has finally bothered to point out that it is not the Democrats but the Republicans who, when it comes to strengthening our nation, have no ideas whatsoever.

The Republicans' problem is not simply their inability to run their government and wage their war of choice, it is also their bankruptcy of ideas. On taxes, the Republican legislative leaders' top priorities are to make permanent the tax cut on investment income and to repeal the estate tax -- economics, as ever, for our wealthiest 1 percent. (This at a time when the entire theory of trickle-down has been negated by the propensity of U.S. corporations to use their shareholders' investments to expand abroad rather than at home.) On energy, the notions of tougher fuel economy standards and mandating a shift to renewable energy sources are so alien to the Republicans' DNA that they come forth with such proposals as Bill Frist's $100 rebate, the most short-lived legislative initiative in recent memory.
Good point about the obvious shortfall of the trickle-down "philosophy." Lest anyone forget, let me say once again that the entire GOP legislative agenda consists of just one single idea: to enrich themselves and their friends. Period.

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