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-C.S. Lewis

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Evolution, Liberal Copyright Law and...

This is an interesting article about the latest salvo in the battle over science curricula in Kansas. Turns out the textbook people want to deny Kansas the right to use their copyrights, which would lead to no textbooks, which would make it kind of hard to teach science class. It's a nice helping of schadenfreude to watch the Kansans scramble in search of a counter to this move, but I must admit I agree with the author when she says that it's hypocritical for liberals to denounce control-based copyright action as contrary to the spirit of the law, all while smirking contentedly at this latest episode (something which I'm finding it hard to keep from doing at the moment).

One other thing, too. As a rational human being who happens to be a Catholic, I sort of resent the way some people paint the whole evolution vs. ID battle. I'm sorry, but yes I can believe that God created the entire universe yet agree that the entirely compatible theory of random genetic mutation was indeed what drove the evolution of life on this planet. Just because I think God has no place in a science class (or a calculus class either, he made that up too, didn't he?), doesn't make me an atheist. As usual, black and white arguments, i.e. you're either with God or with the Evolutionists, are stupid and simplistic, whether it's Pat "GOP consultant" Robertson saying it or some gleefully non-religious liberal.

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