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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Health Care

I'm not making the claim that French medicine is any better than ours (nor would I refute such a claim), but seeing as French doctors, in France, just performed the world's first face transplant (!), what's clear to me is that innovation is still part of the gameplan. Anti-GHCFAA* advocates are constantly rolling out that old "innovation will suffer" canard, insisting that socialized medicine will result in a catastrophic slowdown in the pace of research and invention. Well, if that's true, why didn't we perform the first ever face transplant? Why weren't we, Land Of Innovation, surfing down the front end of that learning curve? I know! Because we'd have had to cut off Terry Schiavo's face!

The facial tissues, muscles, arteries and blood veins needed for the transplant were taken on Sunday from a donor in the northern city of Lille, who was in a brain-dead condition, according to Le Point.
Jiminy Crickets! Could you imagine this occurring in the U.S.A??? Could you even imagine the signs they would come up with? "Hail Mary full of grace, let that lady keep her face!"

*Guaranteed Health Care For All Americans

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