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-C.S. Lewis

Saturday, May 21, 2005


Kurds seem to be asserting themselves once again in south-eastern Turkey. This is something I've feared for a while and one of the main reasons I did not support the invasion of Iraq. The Kurds had their taste of independence during the 1990's and I don't think they're going to forget it anytime soon. Stir into the pot a bit of resentment that Iraq was "liberated" while the Kurds remain under foreign rule and you have a recipe for violence and rebellion.

Although I guess the moment of truth for the Kurdish people was coming anyway. Saddam or no Saddam, I don't think that'd change how a Kurd would feel about independence, or make them fear Turkey or Iran any less. Heck, maybe their chances of getting their own country are less likely without Saddam than with him. In any case, "getting their own country," if it happens, is going to be ugly.

I suppose since I've lived in the U.S. all my life, I can't really understand nationalism all that much. Are things really that different under a total asshat government of your own countrymen than under one that has different bloodlines? I'm not talking about revolting against tyranny here. Just situations where a government of your own people and your own set of borders wouldn't really be any different than the current situation of living under generally tolerable foreign rule. Maybe this never happens.

OK, whenever I start to hear the lyrics to "Imagine" in my head, I know it's time to stop writing.

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