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-C.S. Lewis

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Ethics Embargo

Josh "Speed-bag" Marshall makes an interesting point.

How did Duke Cunningham manage to get so far entangled in an ethics mess that he had to plead guilty to federal charges of accepting bribes without anyone referring his case to the House ethics committee?
Makes you wonder if Beltway Democrats have any brains whatsoever. Every time a Republican scandal meets with little more than crickets chirping from the left side of the aisle, it becomes easier to make the claim that Dems are just waiting for their own chance to get their hands in the pot. If Dems want to portray themselves a viable alternative to the current culture of favors and kickbacks, they'll have to start proving themselves as actually opposed to it, rather than to the mere fact that it's the GOP making all the cash and not them.

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