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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Medical Marijuana

Prohibition didn't work in the 1920's and it doesn't work now. What a tremendous waste of dollars, lives, brain power, everything, just to try to stop people from getting high. It really is a joke. Except it isn't funny. Disgusting, degenerate rapists go to jail for 60 days while some poor guy caught with a stash of dope gets put away for a mandatory minimum of like 15 years. Observe Exhibit 147 as to why it is a legitimate waste of one's life to be a drug enforcement agent. While 18,000 al-Qaida operative supposedly roam freely from sea to shining sea, our law enforcement personnel are going after the truly bad seeds among us. Medical marijuana farmers. Let's face it, Catherine and Steve Smith were not hurting anyone.

Federal agents are compiling evidence seized in raids on a San Francisco medical marijuana club and pot-growing operations in the city and Sonoma County, which could soon lead to narcotics charges, a Drug Enforcement Administration spokeswoman said Wednesday.


Earlier Tuesday, agents raided the home of the club owners, Catherine and Steve Smith, and confiscated 122 plants, along with financial records and growing equipment.


The club and affiliated cooperative, called Hope Northern California Net, has been hailed as a model business by city leaders and medical marijuana activists because its primary function is providing free or low-cost marijuana to terminally ill people.

"They were amongst the first to provide to a union of indigent patients medicine at a very low cost and in most cases free," said Caren Woodson, campaign director for Americans for Safe Access, a national coalition of patients and doctors working to legitimize medical marijuana.
This issue is one of the reasons I have so little patience with the conservative rubes that so loudly dominate the national dialogue these days. They feel free to sound off on something they know absolutely nothing about, without being able to name a single good or even decent reason why they hold the position they do. By the massive weight of their stupidity and ignorance, millions of people are trapped in a violent world of extralegal commerce, trade that would otherwise take place in taxpaying warehouses and storefronts, and competition that would otherwise have nothing to do with shooting your competitor.

But "drugs are bad," they say, as they take a pull off a bottle of Miller Lite. Idiots.

P.S. If you want to make sure that drug-addled people don't go out and go on a crime rampage (which does happen a bit with meth heads and others strung out on speed but pales to nearly transparent in comparison to the thousands of acts of violence borne exclusively of everyone's favorite "no problem" intoxicant: alcohol), just triple the existing penalty for any crimes perpetrated under the influence and be done with it. Why don't they do this anyway? I believe it's because of America's dirty little secret: EVERYONE drinks and drives. Don't believe me? Please then, offer up an alternate explanation for those cheesy suburban bars that have parking lots(?!?!)

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