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-C.S. Lewis

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

"Must Have Severe Facial Deformity"

I wonder how they will decide who gets a face and who doesn't?

Jacqueline Saburido is among the 20 disfigured people who have approached surgeons at a London hospital to carry out Britain's first face transplant operation.

She was badly injured six years ago, when she visited America from Venezuela to study English.

On Sept 19 1999, Jacqui - then 20 years old - and four friends were on their way home from a birthday party when a drunken driver collided with them, killing two passengers.


Assessment will probably take place next week, or probably in January. "We have agreed that to be eligible, patients would have a severe facial deformity as a result of burns or an accident, that the injury would impair normal function in some way and that there would be some psychological distress," [plastic surgeon Peter Butler] said.
I wonder if you'd be able to choose your face? A lung is a lung is a lung, but a face?
Donors and recipients will also need to be matched for age, sex and skin colour.
I'd think the recipient should have some say in whose face. Per the above, aesthetics are admittedly a part of the equation. If someone has at last to choose which face, why should that someone be the doctor?

On a separate note, there was a passage in Aristotle's "Politics" that mentioned a law that punished drunken people more harshly for their crimes than sober people. I tend to agree with that one. Is that law already in existence? Drunk driving bastards.

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