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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

President Bush Confirms He Is A Dictator

From comments:

It is most disappointing that the President justifies his use of warrantless wiretaps by saying that he only uses them against terrorists. That is just like saying it is OK to jail people indefinitely without charges because you only do it to the guilty. It is disappointing because it indicates that the President and his advisers completely misunderstand the purpose of warrants which is to provide a check on the assumption that there is probable cause to believe that a particular person is violating the law. Also disappointing is that he claims he is not a dictator by saying that he is doing HIS job of protecting the American people while protecting their constitutional rights. Again he misunderstands the American system. Protecting the rights of Americans is NOT his job. It is his job to do the best he can at executing the laws while the courts have the job of making sure that what he does is consistent with the constitution. By suggesting that it is HIS job to protect Americans' rights he is actually confirming that he is a dictator rather than denying it. Most dictators, in the beginning, justify the consolidation of power in their hands by asserting that they know what is right and good for the people. It is a pernicious belief that leads ultimately to ruin.

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