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-C.S. Lewis

Thursday, December 15, 2005


Somehow, I've always known that "the children" weren't why marijuana is illegal in this country. It's illegal because you can grow it in your backyard, because if it were legal, no one would be able to make any money off of it. No real money anyway. But what about the rich drug cartels? Well, they're only rich because the stuff's illegal. If people were allowed to grow it themselves, marijuana would be like tomatoes. Everyone who wanted one would have their own plant. Bottom line: the minute marijuana becomes legal, it ceases to be a lucrative commodity. Unless, of course, someone could invent a pill that causes the same effects. Can't grow pills in your backyard. You have to buy them somewhere. Well, it looks like that's exactly what is about to happen.

A McGill University study suggests a new anti-depressant drug works by raising levels of endocannabinoids -- similar to a substance found in marijuana.

The study suggests the new drug, called URB597, might represent a safer alternative to use of marijuana for treatment of pain and depression, and open the door to new and improved treatments for clinical depression.
Might represent a safer alternative? Please. More like, "might represent a major earning opportunity for the pharmaceutical industry."

In pre-clinical laboratory tests researchers found URB597 increased the production of endocannabinoids by blocking their degradation, resulting in measurable antidepressant effects.

"This is the first time it has been shown a drug that increases endocannabinoids in the brain can improve your mood," said lead investigator Dr. Gabriella Gobbi, a researcher at Montreal and McGill Universities.
Probably not the first time according to researchers at Montreal and McGill University dorm rooms though.

In any event, once the marijuana pill is fully developed, look for an intense effort by the pharmaceutical industry to approve this drug for general prescription use. If Congress has any sense of irony they can maybe pass some mandatory minimum sentencing law for marijuana possession on the same bill.

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