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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

David Frum, Canadian

Earth to David Frum: Princess Diana is (was) NOT AN AMERICAN CITIZEN. Just to clarify, FISA laws only pertain to AMERICAN CITIZENS. If you are not an AMERICAN CITIZEN, then the American government can tap your phone all day long. Perhaps they shouldn't, but no law's being broken if they do. Again, spying on AMERICAN CITIZENS is very different from spying on NON-AMERICAN CITIZENS because doing the former is illegal and doing the latter is not governed by any existing US laws. Please no more "breaking" stories about how Jimmy Carter bugged the Shah of Iran's brick-phone, or how JFK bugged Khruschev's proto-pager. Why not? Because those stories are irrelevant because neither guy was an AMERICAN CITIZEN. Geez.

steve said...

Who says that nobody is outraged that Diana's phone was being monitored? There is a sense in which it is every bit as outrageous for Americans to listen in on the phone conversations of others as it is for them to listen in on phone conversations of Americans. Answer to Frum. "I, for one am outraged."

But Mr. Frum either is an idiot or he is pretending to be one; because this is a red-herring argument. FISA - as you correctly pointed out - applies to phone conversations involving American citizens, and Diana was not one such person.

Mr Frum, why not crawl back beneath your "Axis of Evil." And stay there until you are ready to repudiate one of the silliest, most divisive, most dangerous, most counterproductive, and most costly notions of the Bush era.

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