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-C.S. Lewis

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Iraqi New Deal

Is George Bush the President of the USA or is he President of Iraq? The Iraqi New Deal??? Please. How come all these so-called conservatives turn into big-government liberals the very instant the subject of Iraq comes up. "Let's quick voice vote this $10 billion Iraqi public works build-a-thon, but $3 billion for new levees in New Orleans? I don't know, guys, isn't that a lot of money? How can the people of New Orleans learn to be responsible if we build their levees for them?"

Why does the GOP hate America?

doctorj2u said...

"Why does the GOP hate America?"
That is the best question I have heard in a long time. The way they have spun it, in double speak, is that New Orleans is NOT part of the USA. Strange DIFFERENT people with a DIFFERENT culture. If only they were more like us, we could help them. I am a New Orleanian, and many times since the storm I have hated my own country. They have been cruel in a way I couldn't even imagine before the storm. Slowly I have begun to realize though it is the sick political system that is broken, not the people. Fanatics that prefer to protect their parties over protecting their fellow citizens. In January the democrats have a chance to prove they are different. So far, they have not shown it. In Pelosi's first 100 hour action report, Katrina is not mentioned once. I will wait and see what happens. The abandonment of New Orleans, a great AMERICAN city, is criminal.

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