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-C.S. Lewis

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Michigan got the shaft

After Michigan's 3-point loss to Ohio State in Columbus last month, my take was "Well, the Wolverines had their chance. Someone else should get a shot at the title." So what do I think of that thought process today? Total BS. For two reasons. First, and I'm surprised I didn't think of it at the time, if Michigan had won, were we really going to deny the Buckeyes an opportunity to win the title? Hell, no. They were so CLEARLY the class of college football, it would have been insane to leave them out. So, if Michigan wins in Columbus, the National Championship Game would have been UM vs. OSU. No question. So why expect a different result if OSU wins? And given that OSU's victory was by only 3 at home (which is really just the homefield talking) didn't both these teams prove themselves to be pretty evenly matched? When the Wolverines utterly DESTROY the USC Trojans in the Rose Bowl (in yet another away-game bowl-game for the Big Ten), you'll see what I mean. They'll be playing for one reason alone, to prove that they should have been playing for the title. Secondly, Bruce Hooley at makes a good point about Florida's supposed right to play for the title. When the Gators won their only National Title back in 1996, their own title game was, you guessed it, a rematch. They got to play the FSU Seminoles in the final game of the year, a team that had beat them earlier that season. So screw the Gators and their precious shot at the championship. The best two teams are the ones that get to play for all the marbles. That a club that Florida just isn't in.

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