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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Plymouth, Indiana

To the left is picture of beautiful downtown Plymouth, Indiana. One of my very few readers (after I alienated just about everyone with an unexplained - to this day - 7 month hiatus) hails from this splendid burg in the north of the Hoosier State. I learned from wikipedia (which was also so kind as to provide the photo) that Scott Skiles, present head coach of the Chicago Bulls, led his Plymouth H.S. basketball team to the 1982 state title with a thrilling one point overtime victory. Go Plymouth!!!

Anonymous said...

Can anyone explain why the high school changed their name from the pilgrims to the rockies?

Rapitron said...

They didn't change their name. The Plymouth High School Basketball team is named "The Plymouth Pilgrims". The Plymouth High School Football team is named "The Plymouth Rockies".
This is similar to Indiana University, where the basketball team name is The Hurrying Hoosiers and the Football team is named The Fighting Hoosiers.

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