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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

American Taliban

This is one of the best posts I've seen in awhile. Lifted wholesale from Kos at DailyKos.

Funny how the wingers try to claim American liberals are in league with crazy fundamentalist Muslims.

Reality is, we hate everything Islamic fundamentalism stands for. On the other hand, the Dobson's of the Republican Party -- you know, the people running the show -- have far more in common with the enemy than they'd ever like to admit.

Religion in government

Al Qaida/Taliban: One and the same
American Taliban: One and the same
Liberals: Separation of church and state


Al Qaida/Taliban: Religious indoctrination. Run by clergy.
American Taliban: School prayer. Religious indoctrination (creationism and "intelligent design"). Private religious school system.
Liberals: Leave religious teachings to parents and sunday school.


Al Qaida/Taliban: No school, must cover entire body, no rights
American Taliban: Government control over reproductive freedoms, hostility to Title IX, hostility to working women
Liberals: Equality of the sexes

Religious freedom

Al Qaida/Taliban: 'Think like us, or we'll whiip you and/or chop off your head'
American Taliban: 'Think like us, or we'll condemn you to hell'
Liberals: To each her own


Al Qaida/Taliban: Eradicate them from society
American Taliban: Eradicate them from society
Liberals: Equality under the law

Yes moral equivalency is silly here, because James Dobson doesn't (yet anyway) publicly call for the beheading of his enemies. But, in light of all that history has taught us about the depraved capabilities of mankind, to think that American fundamentalists are somehow exempt from advocating violence to achieve their goals is a tad naive. We liberals are the custodians of the American dream. We must keep a watchful eye indeed if we intend to preserve it for our children.

PoppieProng said...

indeed we need to be vigilant. it reminds me of a Tool lyric: "It's only wrong if you get caught." Likewise, they'll do whatever they want if everyone just assumes it'll get better.

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