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-C.S. Lewis

Monday, July 18, 2005

Mark Steyn Attempts Jedi Mind Tricks

OK. Hold on just a minute here. First it was the CIA not taking WMDs seriously enough, then, when there were no WMDs, it was "but, but, but...the CIA told us they were there." So now we're back to the CIA being the sissy dove?

But in the real world there's only one scandal in this whole wretched business -- that the CIA, as part of its institutional obstruction of the administration, set up a pathetic ''fact-finding mission'' that would be considered a joke by any serious intelligence agency and compounded it by sending, at the behest of his wife, a shrill politically motivated poseur who, for the sake of 15 minutes' celebrity on the cable gabfest circuit, misled the nation about what he found.
I really do recommend this column. It's got everything. The old "these aren't the droids you're looking for" technique, the "he's just looking for attention" routine, the random swipe at Wilson's wife's political affiliation, a rehash of WaPo's retracted misprint of Iraq when they meant Iran (what's the over/under on how long "I want to believe" right-wingers continue to make this error, 30? 35 years?), another circle-through-a-square attempt to claim that no wrongdoing was committed, a bit of up-is-down-ism: "exposing secret agents actually saves lives, see?" Even an overabundance of "air-quotes" (yes, I realize I'm one to talk, but it's still fun to imagine Mark Steyn making the quotes with his fingers).

These guys are ridiculous. It was a crime. It was Rove. Deal with it.

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