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-C.S. Lewis

Thursday, July 28, 2005

What Terrorists Are Afraid Of

We hear a lot of stupid crap from Bush and the his cronies about how the more violence we see, the better the fight against terror is going. "Things are blowing up, see, cuz the terra-ists are scared." Wrong answer, George.

Here is what scared terrorists actually look like. Not while blowing things up, of course. That, it hardly needs to be said, is when they are at their "not-scarediest." Rather, it's getting their political arm to plead with the government not to send an ambassador to Iraq.

The Secretary-General of the party, Hamza Mansour, said, "Maintaining the life of any citizen should be the priority of the government concerns. Our demand is derived from maintaining the safety of the Jordanian embassy personnel and its employees in Baghdad, in addition to the safety of any Jordanian citizens residing in Iraq."

The memorandum drew attention to, "the very hard conditions", which Iraq is witnessing, and what it considered as 'the absence of the national authority, which is trusted by the Iraqi people and expresses their interests, which makes many people targets for snipers, kidnapping and assault.
Riiiiiiight. I guess that TLC he seems to wanna break off for every last Jordanian doesn't quite cover the ones he outfits with a dynamite doublet. More like he realizes the only thing that can save Iraq at this point is if other Arab countries recognize the government.

The idea that the U.S.A. is going to "establish" "democracy" in "Iraq" is patently ludicrous. Especially since we can't even seem to get the lights turned on over there. However, if the surrounding Arab nations ever get it into their heads that they're going to, in the words of Michael Stipe, "put [their] heads together, and start a new country up," then we may really have something.

Of course, what terrorists mainly oppose is secular order of any kind. Some people still think war will stop them, but those people are wrong. War is a-o-k just fine with terrorists. It's fun, actually, because it's anti-order. And it convinces them that they're right. Terrorists aren't going to be too scared of doing something they basically enjoy. But when it comes the prospect of establishing secular institutions like embassies, they're, like, against it. So when it starts happening, they get scared. They start thinking that they might be wrong. After all, there's really very little you can do to an idea if all you have is a bomb.

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