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-C.S. Lewis

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Anti-American Texas

Thinking that entire high-school gyms full of kids might spontaneously turn gay upon hearing them, the Texas state government just barred boys from singing high notes in the glee club. This is just what we needed. It's about time that government stepped in and stopped these guys from singing like sissies.

Boys cannot audition for soprano or alto roles in that state's All-State Choir. Girls cannot audition for tenor or bass. No matter where their talents lie.

As a result, 17-year-old Mikhael Rawls, who already has won awards for his countertenor — the male parallel to soprano — can't try out in the part where he excels.
Seriously, what could possibly have been the rationale behind this decision? That Jesus had a low voice? The Apostolic barber shop quartet song book had no treble clef? Other than infringe on a young man's pursuit of happiness, I'm not sure what this ruling does. Well, other than do its darndest to show Texas as a place unworthy of being called part of our great Union. What's next? Demanding that medical school textbooks show that men have one less rib than women? The anti-American, anti-freedom Christianist lunatics are not a fringe group anymore. They are completely in charge of the GOP.

By the way, if you would, please forgive me for assuming that the Texas Music Educators Association is comprised mainly of Republicans. I'm pretty confident to roll the dice on this one.

Via the relentless Amanda at Pandagon.

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