Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one.

-C.S. Lewis

Thursday, July 14, 2005

No Apologies

I've got a favor to ask of Democrats. Stop asking for apologies. Stop asking for people to "come clean." Stop asking for people to be fired. For God's sake just stop. Why? Because to ask for these things is beyond pointless. The only way a politician is going to comply with any of the above requests is if it's in his or her political advantage to do so. Well, except if you're Dick Durbin, but no matter. Sure it's tempting to put your adversary on the spot and it's certainly inviting to try to paint someone into a political corner, but these tactics DO NOT WORK. All these questions do is put the focus back on your adversary. But isn't that what we want? NO!!! We want the focus to be on us! We want the air to be flooded to overflowing with OUR talking points. We want the media to record OUR every utterance. We want to define our adversary down. We want the public perception of our adversaries to come out of OUR MOUTHS, not theirs.

When the Democras make their apology requests it sets them up to look weak. Everytime you "demand" something, there's a implicit "or else" contained in that demand. So they ask for the damn apology, or else, and of course they don't get it. And implicit in refusing to apologize when asked is a big, fat "whatcha gonna do about it?" The answer to that question, of course, is nothing, so the Democrats come off looking like a bunch of fools. But the worst part about demanding ridiculous verbal justice is that it implies that after the requested apology is received, everything's going to be A-O-K. No. Let me tell you what would be A-O-K. Voting these jerks out of office would be A-O-K. They can take their apologies and the guys I want them to fire and all the clear air in the world and blow them out their asses for all I care. Meantime, I'm gonna get on TV and tell everyone how corrupt, venal, petty, and dangerous these GOP types are. And when they say that I'm not being fair, I'll say it again, only this time through a megaphone.

But ask for an apology, and what happens? The discussion stops, the mics turn off, and the collective consciousness of the media turns away to listen. For what, you ask? To whom? To our adversaries of course! For that damned apology that YOU asked for. They're waiting to hear if the man YOU asked to be fired will indeed be fired. They're listening in the hopes that someone "clears the air." And now, idiots, the spin can begin. "Well I won't apologize because...(media leans in closer to hear)...I've done nothing wrong." Why would anyone yield the floor to someone and allow them a chance to defend themselves? Why do we give these people room to breathe, time to prepare a statement, a chance to regroup and get their story straight? Why?!?!?! Yet we do it all the time. Sometimes I think it's all we ever do.

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