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-C.S. Lewis

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Woman Demands Written Apology For Indecent Exposure Ticket

You go girl. You better believe you deserve an apology.

"This isn't right. Women shouldn't be harassed for breast-feeding their children," Dorian Ryan said.

Colorado lawmakers agree. A law passed last year gives women the right to breast feed anywhere she's allowed to be in public.

Ryan, 43, was ticketed for indecent exposure July 14 when she breast fed her son at the Carter Lake swim beach in Larimer County. She was shielded from view by two umbrellas and a towel.
The guy who gave her the ticket sounds like he was kind of a newbie. I'm thinking he just figured, "see boob, write ticket." OK, so maybe he hadn't read up on the latest laws. We all make mistakes, so I don't have anything against this guy in particular.

But how do you change a culture when it seems to default to a situation contrary to your rights? You make a huge flipping stink about it and make the guy get down on his knees and apologize so he'll remember never to do it again. And he tells that story to his cop friends and they all have a laugh and then his friends never do it again either.

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