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-C.S. Lewis

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Corrupt Republicans

Never trust the GOP with your money.

It weighed 28 tons and took up as much room as 74 washing machines. It was $2.4 billion in $100 bills, and Baghdad needed it ASAP.

The initial request from U.S. officials in charge of Iraq required the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to decide whether it could open its vault on a Sunday, a day banks aren't usually open.


Then, when the shipment date changed, officials had to scramble to line up U.S. Air Force C-130 cargo planes to hold the money. They did, and the $2,401,600,000 was delivered to Baghdad on June 22, 2004.

It was the largest one-time cash transfer in the history of the New York Fed.

Disclosure of the frantic transfer in the final days of U.S. control over Iraq came during a daylong hearing Tuesday that indicated growing worry from Congress over U.S. oversight of spending in Iraq.
Is this not the twenty-first century? Do we not have electricity? Is there a particular reason that U.S. officials needed over $2 BILLION in flipping cash??? What's next? Giant stone coins? Pardon me for being cynical, but the only reason anyone could possibly need that much CASH MONEY is if they wanted no record of an illegal transaction. Like if they just wanted to stuff it in a duffle bag and hand it to their friends.

But why worry about our government stealing vast sums of our money when there's a missing white girl in Aruba? Runaway corruption, sure. But did you hear about the runaway bride?

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