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-C.S. Lewis

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Kansas, Shame Of Our Nation

The Kansas State Board of Education (these are state office holders? not local yahoos, but state office holders?) just voted 6-4 to send their science-free version of the origins of life to an outside scientific arbitrator for further review. Exactly what scientific review would that be? I hope they included a laugh-track with their submission. Or did they just send it straight to Focus On The Family for expert consultation with Medical Peace Prize nominees?

In 1999 the Kansas board drew international attention when it deleted most references to evolution from its science standards. Elections the next year resulted in a less conservative board, which led to the current, evolution-friendly standards. Conservatives recaptured the board's majority in the 2004 elections.
That should read: Idiots recaputured the board's majority.

Personally, I think we should argue for a more balanced view of electricity, too. After all, electron theory has never been directly proved. And let's face it, my iPod is just way too complicated for electricity to be the only thing going on there. I mean, it shuffles songs AND stores pictures.

Rich republicans should thank their lucky stars that morons like this exist. They're the one and only reason they get to put their wealth concentration schemes into place.

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