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Monday, June 20, 2005

Biden Runs for President

So Sen. Joe Biden’s running for president. A little early to announce, no? I guess that explains that vote for MBNA. What’s with all these Senators being bandied about as presidential candidates? Don’t people realize that Senators are virtually NEVER elected president? Being a good Senator and campaigning well for president are an entirely different skill set, and I wish my Democratic colleagues would stop thinking of our bench of presidential potentials consisted entirely of Senators. But back to Biden, I really can’t think of any better news that could have greeted me this Monday morning. He says he’s testing the water for money and support. He’ll get it of course, although in limited amounts, but enough to keep him going. He’ll be the “frontrunner” by dint of the simple fact he was first to call the big blind, as well as being pretty high profile. He won’t win a single primary, hopefully his candidacy will be like a Left Jab, stunning the media just enough to keep them off balance. This is not to say that a Joe Biden run wasn’t about as inevitable as a giant dump Friday after Thanksgiving, it was, just that his presence makes smearing lesser known candidates tougher to do. Such a high profile candidate, with such a microwaveable smearing point as his plagiarism spat, will groggy up a lazy media so that when the Right Cross hits them, they won’t know which way is up. Now if we could only find Mr. Right…

P.S. Glenn Reynolds has more.

fawce said...

I'd guess that biden's early announcement has to do with internal DNC politicking -- a kind of pre-emptive strike to generate some name recognition and brace for Sen. Clinton's primary run. Clearly won't work. It could also be a matyrdom move to keep the democratic presidential ticket in the news for the next two years, before a real candidate announces.

nader sent me to your blog. good stuff.

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