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-C.S. Lewis

Thursday, June 30, 2005

GOP Pointing Fingers

This via DailyKos. Money quote:

Families are discouraging young men and women from enlisting "because of all the negative media that's out there," Sen. James Inhofe, an Oklahoma Republican, said at a U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee hearing.

Inhofe also said that other senators' criticism of the war contributed to the propaganda of U.S. enemies. He did not name the senators.
To Mr. Inhofe, one of our most consistently despicable Senators, I have three words: GO. FUCK. YOURSELF. The day your own kids take a scalding hot piece of shrapnel right through the eye is the day you can bitch and moan about not having enough troops. I'm sure it has never occurred to James Fuckhofe that perhaps the reason kids aren't signing up for duty is because they don't feel like dying for a lie.

And this too:
"With the deluge of negative news that we get daily, it's just amazing to me that anybody would want to sign up," said Sen. Pat Roberts, a Kansas Republican.
I don't know, Pat. Could be the deluge of insurgents that come to blow our poor kids up everyday. Maybe that's it. No, you're probably right. It's my fault. I call it like I see it, which is a bloody sodding disaster, and since my depiction isn't sufficiently rosy, it's affecting recruitment. You're a sharp one, Pat. Seriously, though. You know what would be amazing? If your own precious kids signed up. I don't see why they shouldn't. They've obviously got the inside track to the "real" story over there. Tell them what a picnic it is outside the Green Zone and I'm sure they'll drop everything and sign right up. You make me sick, Senator Roberts.

Anonymous said...

Throwing F bombs is not persuasion

Horatio said...

Fair enough. But I wasn't trying to persuade as much as trying to keep from throwing my computer out a window.

Otter said...

Fuckin' A! If it keeps you sane in an insane world, do it.

Hamel said...

Throw F bombs when appropriate. And speaking anonymously isn't very persuasive either.

I love your blog and will stop by frequently.

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